Guild Rules:

You must:

*  Have been in the guild for 2 weeks, be consistent, and show determination to progress to roll on loot.               *** First priority goes to tanks and healers***

*  Have vent working so you can talk and listen.
*  Have all the addons that will be needed for the raid.
Have your own mana and health pots, the bank will help with some.
*  You are only allowed one epic per raid, unless nobody else needs it.
*  You can only roll on the gear you are speced for, unless nobody else needs it.
*  You will be curtius and quiet on vent during pulls and boss encounters.
*  You will stick with one raiding spec.

*  Treat the female members of our guild with respect and class.

Required Addons:

1. Group Calendar
2. Deadly Boss Mod
3. Omen
4. SW Stats
5. Ventrilo

1. PallyPower

Specific Bosses:
1. Void Reaver